Friday, September 16, 2011

Let Fear Go

How many times have you found yourself in a situation that makes you feel feelings of utter anxiety?

Anxiety can be caused by all number of things, but most commonly because an individual feels that their self will be negatively affected in some way and that the result will be "terrible" and unbearable! Does this ever usually end in "the end of the world," however? I think not. 

I was just reading a book called "Telling Yourself the Truth" - the chapter was on anxiety and it got me thinking. One thought/quote in particular that I wanted to share is this....

"Christ wasn't devastated by what others thought of Him because He kept His eye on the Father and doing His will. He lived to please His Father in heaven." {Telling Yourself the Truth p. 68)

I thought that was just a neat little idea...or big idea. We ought to take Christ's example - He is, after all, the perfect example. He was so often not socially accepted and if anyone had a good reason to "worry" about what would happen or how they would be treated, it's Christ. Yet as the quote said, He kept His eye on the Father and did His will, living to please God.

Perhaps if we stop thinking of ourselves and look to our Father in heaven, and learn to trust in Him through all things, we won't have to feel as anxious anymore either. He is God, all things are possible through Him, and He is more than capable to take these unhealthy feelings from us and give us a fresh start.

Won't you let Him help you today?

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  1. Loved this post. It is amazing how different things speak to different people in just the way they need it. Praying that you will always live Unashamed!